Style: Cowboy Boots Are Happening Big Time, Pick a Pair to Shop!

Cowboy boots are coming back in a big way, a contender to our obsession with trainers and a must have for 2018. Our first encounter with cowboy boots after a separation period was at Hood by Air last September, but it wasn’t until Raf Simons’ fall collection that we realised how much we missed them and needed to rekindle our relationship.

Since then they have appeared everywhere from Henry Holland to Gucci and with so many more styles now becoming available it really is the time to buy.

Let’s start with the western inspired ankle boots. Asos, Topshop and Office are hosts to our favourites.  When buying shoes we often neglect the actual things were putting them on, our feet! These boots are not only style essentials, but also practical, all with acceptable heels to give you the little boost you may need without the agony of 5” heel, perfect for work.

River Island and Akira are our go to for knee high and over the knee boots.  Akira’s over the knee, black and white boots are a statement buy at an amazing price! Compared to River Islands dark red patent boots which are classic, everything you imagine from your western boot.

We also featured some of the more expensive cowboy boots, when it comes to shoes it really is worth investing as they will last for years to come!  Gucci Matelasse leather boots in a extraordinary candy purple colour are perfect paired with culottes.  Whereas Isabel Marant’s fringed boot have a much more casual appeal with a striking heel.  Finally Sonara’s snakeskin effect boots in red, the favourite colour for the trend amongst designers.


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