What’s On TV: Tin Star Is Binge Police Drama

Hot on the heels of the captivating finale to the latest series of Game of Thrones, Sky Atlantic is back with a gripping new drama.  Set against the breath-taking backdrop of the Rocky Mountains, “Tin Star” is a story of corruption, murder and revenge.

Tin StarTim Roth stars as Police Chief Jim Worth, a former London detective who moves his family to Little Big Bear, deep in the Canadian Rockies.

He and his family have moved to escape Jim’s past and build a new life for themselves.  This idyll is shattered when a local oil prospecting company, headed up by an unscrupulous and manipulative PR executive Elizabeth Bradshaw, embarks on an expansion programme.

She brings in a large contingent of casual workers who don’t always respect the law.  The PR exec, played by Christina Hendricks, soon comes into conflict with Chief Worth.

The Chief is passionately opposed to the expansion and finds himself embroiled in a web of intrigue.  Details of Jim Worth’s past are revealed as the series progresses and his status as a recovering alcoholic is brought into focus as he begins to lose control of his life.

Tim Roth is superb as the mysterious Chief Worth and brings the full range of his talents to play.  We last saw him on British TV screens in the chilling BBC adaptation of the Rillington Place murders, where he played the malevolent Reg Christie.  Roth has admitted that during the casting process for Tin Star he “wasn’t particularly looking to do something in television” but he says he was attracted by the “anarchy and chaos” of the show.

Interspersed with his attempts to clean up the town in true Wild West style, we glimpse flashbacks to Chief Worth’s past as he slips into a world of personal conflict.


Tin Star

Christina Hendricks is best known for her role as Joan Harris across 80 episodes of the hit drama “Mad Men”.

Once voted “the sexiest woman in the world” by female readers of Esquire magazine, she plays a mysterious but uncompromising oil company executive.

An ex-journalist who has been critical of the industry in the past, she believes she will be able to change attitudes from the inside.

That brings plenty of conflict, both within herself and with the residents of Little Big Bear. Mrs Bradshaw faces a struggle between advancing her career and maintaining her voice within the corporate machine.

The Sunday Times billed the show as “a cross between Twin Peaks and Breaking Bad” and it was produced by the firm behind Broadchurch and Humans. Fans of the binge-watch will be happy as the broadcaster will make all episodes available from Thursday, September 7.

The series will also be available on Amazon Prime from September 29.  Sky executives have high hopes for the show’s popularity as they have already commissioned a second series.  Sky’s head of drama Anne Mensah says viewers “will be left in no doubt as to why a second series was an absolute must”.

Hot on the heels of “Riviera”, the lavish production set in the south of France, “Tin Star” is the latest in a line of explosive dramas brought together by Sky.  The 10 episodes of “Tin Star” will be followed in the New Year by “Britannia”, billed as Sky’s most ambitious drama yet.

Lovers of TV drama are in for a treat over the coming months so clear out your planner and set those reminders.

Tin Star – Sky Atlantic. All episodes available from September 7.

by Ian Hine

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