The Ultimate Guide: Find Out Which Bra is Best for You!

Wearing the right bra is essential for everyday comfort and confidence. The important things to remember are to make sure your bra fits you correctly so go and get measured, as your breast fluctuates in size all the time!  Also, different bras are better for various sizes and shapes.  However, there are a few styles every woman should own.


Balcony bras are brilliant for medium-sized boobs as they give a rounded shape to your breasts. They cut horizontally across the breast.  Therefore for larger busts, they can be a bit troublesome as they do not offer a lot of coverage or support.


Balconettes are very similar to balcony bras. Therefore, they are good for medium sized breasts again, they offer slightly more coverage.


Longline bras sit lower towards the waist than most bras. However, the cup shape can be anything from balconette to bralette.


Plunge bras are ideal for low cut tops and deep necklines.  However, they also usually have wide straps so are still supportive.  They are best for medium/ large breasts.


Full cup bras are ideal for everyday wear for women with large busts, as they cover the entire breast.  Leaving no room for your breasts to spill out.


The clue is in the name with this one but sports bras, shockingly are ideal for exercise. However, they are usually made with moisture-wicking materials, therefore are brilliant for hot weather.


T-shirt bras another one that seems obvious. These are your go-to every day, essential bras.  They fit undetectable underneath your t-shirt/shirt, perfect for your work get up.


Softcup bras have no wiring.  We have all had a bra that we regretted putting on the minute we left the house as the wiring can cause a lot of pain! Bralettes are the most obvious soft cup. However, there are others that offer more support.


Multi ways are incredibly useful! It differs from bra to bra, but the term means it can be worn in a variety of ways.

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