Shop The Return of Riverdale and New Style Inspiration!

Riverdale finally returns to our Screens today in the UK.  The news we have all been waiting for.  With such success in the first two seasons, it’s no wonder the style of these leading ladies is so influential.

Yes, following influencers is all very well.  However, sometimes when we are feeling sassy we want to dress like the fiery redhead Cheryl Blossom.  This is what’s great about the Riverdale ladies, they are all so different and brilliant in their own way and their wardrobes reflect their personalities!

Betty Cooper style reflects the innocent, girl next door we initially saw Betty as, however, as we learnt from previous seasons, looks can be deceiving!

Veronica channels a look that is wise beyond her years, she screams elegance with lavish pearls and luxurious satin.  Of course, always in heels.

Josie is my personal go-to for style tips.  We all have one we adore.  Leather jacket, leopard print skirt? Yes, please.

So which leading lady do you want to style yourself on?

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