The Female Empowerment Tees Every Woman Should Own!

With the huge #MeToo movement last year, it is no surprise that we have seen a rise in the production and sales of slogan tee encouraging women empowerment.  #MeToo encouraged females to speak up about sexual harassment in the workplace.  Fashion has always been used as a great platform to express political beliefs.  The use of statement t-shirts has been used to boast female empowerment and unity. So show your support and badass nature, invest now.

Let’s start with the truly badass slogan tops. Lasula ‘Not Your Baby’ Slogan T-Shirt comes in a gorgeous baby pink.  Whereas, Girls Bite Back Tee offers a biker chick vibe with a printed heart. However, the Pussy Power Tee has stolen my heart.  Its rogue and wonderful.

Then there are the t-shirts that make a statement. The most eye-catching has to be the Feminist AF t-shirt, no apologies just straight in your face.  However, Missy Empire’s Ashanti Women Empower One Another tee has a very important message that the focus cannot be entirely on men and we must support one another.  Whereas, the Cicely Tee highlights one of the biggest subjects of modern day feminism, equal pay.

Finally, there are those that are short and sweet.  I particularly adore Sisterhood and Women tees, they both are simple yet still convey a strong message of togetherness.

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