The Essential Bra Styles Every Girl Should Own

Bras come in so many shapes and sizes.  Although this is usually good, it can make the choosing process difficult, especially when you’re unsure of which style is which, and what is best for you.

T-shirt Bra:

T-shirt bras are perfect for everyday wear.  They should be undetectable under all tops including workwear essentials such as t-shirts and blouses. T-shirt bras often get a reputation for being boring as they are all about practicality. However, Dorina Agnes T-Shirt Bra A – D Cup is a prime example of combining style and practicality.


Plunge bras are ideal for low cut tops as they sit lower than most bras.  Missguided – Seamless Deep Plunge Bra is the answer to that plunging dress that you have been unable to wear until now!

Sports Bra:

Sports bras are used for exercise generically as they limit the movement of your breasts as not to damage them. Gymshark is well known for combining on-trend style with innovative designs. The Energy Seamless Sports Bra is no exception.


Full cup bras are very discreet as they cover the entire breast, ensuring no spills! This is another bra that has a reputation for being unattractive.  However, the Goddess Keira Wired Bra proves this is untrue with satin and mesh inserts this bra is beautiful!


These bras do not cover all of the breast, rather half/ three quatres. Boohoo’s Longline Super Push Up Bra is a gorgeous half cup bra that helps you out in the cleavage department!


Soft cup bras are simply without underwiring such as Wendy Red Sheer Lace Soft Bra and NA-KD Print Bra.


Balcony bras cut across the breast leaving the top half of the bosom exposed, this is a very popular and sexy style. Styles vary, they can be longline such as Missguided – Burgundy Satin Harness Balconette Bra.

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