Shop The Edit: The Guide to Finding Your Best Bra?

When it comes to underwear we are initially attracted to sexy lace bras.  However, the confident, sexy feeling we gain from these bras usually only last two hours before the bra begins to rub, pinch and fail to contain our breasts. So, ladies, it is time to invest in some comfortable everyday bras.  A good fit can truly change your life giving you good posture, back relief and comfort.

Balcony bra:

Balcony bras cut horizontally across the breast and are perfect for women with lower set busts as they raise your bosoms creating a rounded shape.  This type of bra is particularly good for low and scoop neck tops.


Plunge bras often have wide set straps which are very supportive, they also give a nice amount of cleavage for low necklines.  These bras are brilliant however are better for bigger breast (C and larger).

Full cup:

Full cups are not surprisingly full coverage bras.  They are ideal for women with large breasts as they are extremely supportive and will minimise back pain!  This cut will create a rounded shape and is invisible as it sits above the breast, therefore ideal for tight fitting tops.


Sports bras are obviously designed for exercise, however, have great qualities for day-to-day use.  The main focus of a sports bra is to minimise breast movement, but with moisture wicking materials they are great for those sweaty summer days.


The contour bra, generally known as the T-shirt bra is seamless and slightly padded thus making it perfect for wearing under your tees!


Push-up bras are for us smaller breasted women who need help to create shape and cleavage, where it is lacking! They are ideal for C cups and smaller.


Softcup bras are simply wireless, they often still have padding and seams but without that uncomfortable wire sticking into your ribcage. These bras can still be very supportive as they cover a large portion of your breast and create shape.

Now, it is very important to make sure you are wearing the right size bra so get down to M&S for a quick fit.  The right sized bra will change your life!

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