The 7 Knicker Styles Every Woman Should Own!

Knickers are the most essential item we own we wear them every day. However, some styles are more necessary than others.  The criteria for your underwear drawer should include, comfort, no VPL and a few sexy numbers.


Briefs are the most commonly worn underwear. However, many styles fall into this category.  They generally offer high coverage and are perfect for everyday comfort.


Bikini knickers offer a lot of coverage on your bottom but are skimpier at the front as they sit low on your waist while the leg cuts quite high.


Thongs offer the least amount of coverage on your bottom.  Thongs are perfect underneath tight-fitting clothing and are also a favourite under the sheets, establishing it as the most versatile of knicker styles!


High-waisted underwear is very fashionable right now and a godsend for women who prefer not to reveal their tummies. They come in a variety of shapes and cuts on the bottom ranging from shorts to thongs.


Seamless underwear has two major pros comfort and VPL free! They are the perfect alternatives to thongs.


Multipacks are pretty self-explanatory, however, they are so useful to have!


Shapewear knickers are brilliant for all sizes.  They smooth over your hips and highlight your natural curves!

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