The 6 Knicker Styles Every Woman Should Own!

There are so many different styles of lingerie out there; we can get completely lost when trying to find the right piece!  However, no matter your size or shape there are a few essential knicker styles every girl should own! So below we have listed the six types of knickers you should have in your underwear drawer.


High-waisted knickers are rather self-explanatory.  Unlike your standard cut, they sit higher, under your waist.  This style is particularly flattering for hourglass figures, as it accentuates your small waist!


Briefs are a general term and include a variety of styles from Brazilian to bikini.  These are the most common knicker style and a good choice for long days at the office, offering comfort and high coverage!


Seamless knickers are the answer for women who dislike thongs.  This knicker, no matter the cut, thong or briefs ensure no VPL! They are ideal under and tight-fitting clothing and are usually incredibly comfortable!


These knickers lengthen the look of your legs as the knicker cuts higher than your average briefs, sitting just below the waist.  These are incredibly flattering but usually offering a medium/ high coverage on your bum.


Shapewear is an incredible development in underwear over recent years.  We all have parts of our body we would like to smooth out.  That’s exactly what shapewear does, the knickers hide your unwanted lumps and bumps, allowing your clothing to fit seamlessly over the top.


Thongs vary at the front however their defining feature is practically no coverage on the bum. Instead, just a band or strap attaching the front to the back of the thong.


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