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The Supermarket Clearance Shelf – a How to Guide

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It’s the evening. There’s a crowd in your local supermarket. They are reaching, squatting, sniffing, searching, fighting. You have found the clearance shelf. That is of course, if you were not already well aware of it. Whether you are budgeting or just a tight-arse, the clearance shelf is a thrilling socio-economic feature of every supermarket. Firstly, it suits the car-less…

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A Walk Through Hackney

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Hackney is called a lot of things but nowadays the words, ‘edgy, arty, cultural and hip’ tend to dominate. It is one of those places you hear about before you visit. There are really only three kinds of people when it comes to Hackney: those who live there, those who spend a lot of time there and those who’ve never been…

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Feel Festive at Germany’s Christmas Markets

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Christmas markets are making a slow, snow-trodden trudge into London, with Winter Wonderland and the Tate doing their part to get us festive. But given their longevity across Europe, it’s pretty surprising mulled cider and carols haven’t permeated every corner of the capital for years. The reason, I suppose, is obvious: it’s just so cheap and easy to get to…

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