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A Walk Through Hackney

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Hackney is called a lot of things but nowadays the words, ‘edgy, arty, cultural and hip’ tend to dominate. It is one of those places you hear about before you visit. There are really only three kinds of people when it comes to Hackney: those who live there, those who spend a lot of time there and those who’ve never been…

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Things to do around Tottenham

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Tottenham is a huge area in north London has many attractions to see and explore. Welcoming and well connected, it offers great outdoor attractions and places to hang out. Let’s explore what you can do in Tottenham. White Hart Lane White Hart Lane has been home to the famous Tottenham Hotspur Football Club – “Spurs” – since 1899. Obviously you can enjoy world-class…

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Project Felix – Natural Kitchen

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There’s something special about London when it comes to fresh produce and grocery stores as most of them seem to compete with each other in terms of service and quality – and with this, Natural Kitchen is not behind, rather far ahead in the race. About Natural Kitchen Natural Kitchen – one of the classiest and most trusted grocer’s shops…

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Kingly Court

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If you are looking for a perfect relaxed summer afternoon shopping in London, Kingly court with its plentiful supply of fashion boutiques, vintage stores, cafes and food outlets is your destination. Furthermore, the newest arrivals are elevating its charm. About kingly court Carnaby Street was always the heart of London and few destinations like Kingly court have succeeded in reclaiming…

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