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Fashion: In the Streets of Dalston

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Felix Magazine has taken to the streets of London to check out the looks and styles that characterise this great city. Today fashion reporter Maria Ana Vieira Lopes and photographer Ana Pedro (@aanapedro) focus on the streets of Dalston. Shanice Instagram @gruntage_baby At Dalston Lane on a Thursday afternoon What are you wearing today? I’m wearing something I made myself. It’s a two-piece…

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Top Shopping Around Dalston!

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Dalston is London’s leading place for fashion, movements and creation. It’s where the cool cats like to hang out and there’s so much to discover it’s worth loads of your time. Always changing and always something new, here’s what we’re loving today! LN-CC Housing the most elite brands of clothing, accessories, and exquisite collection of books and music, this is…

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