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Street Style Look: Spotted in Covent Garden

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Felix Magazine has taken to the streets of London to check out the looks and styles that characterise this great city. Today fashion reporter Maria Ana Vieira Lopes and photographer Ana Pedro (@aanapedro) focus on the streets of Covent Garden. Lucy    What are you wearing today?  A black pineapple tank top, some Topshop jogging bottoms, and this bright blue coat. My sense of…

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The Best Cheese Shops in London

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Is there a more beloved food than the humble cheese? It’s hard to imagine. You know a food is popular when Olivier Award-winning Tim Minchin writes an 8 minute odyssey about it. But why oh why is it so popular? Well, the wonder of cheese is there’s something for everyone, whether you like it mild or sweet, smoked, strong or downright…

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