Style: Ready for Winter in Hackney

Fashion reporter Maria Ana Vieira Lopes and photographer Ana Pedro (@aanapedro).went for a walk around Hackney and found a series of great styles and interesting people.

What are you wearing today?

Amy: I’m wearing a vintage coat I got in Islington, a 1960s shirt and Zara trousers, and my DMs. The hat is from Story MFG, and the necklace is from the market in Islington.

Theo: I’m wearing a vintage Burberry trench coat that I bought in some vintage store I can’t remember. Underneath I’m wearing a cashmere polo jumper that I got in a market in Oxford, and my dad’s old trousers – he actually got them to work, but they were too out there for his company, so he gave them to me.

And these are just some old shoes, I don’t know where I got them. The bag is Longchamp.

Which piece of clothing or accessory best represents your style? Amy: Definitely my DMs, I wear them everyday! heo: For me it’s probably the big jacket, I just love it so much!

What or who influences your style?

Amy: I feel like I am influenced by old photos of people, and just random people in the street. Theo: I’m into old school tailoring, especially from the 1960s. Tell me about the most special item of clothing or accessory that you own.

Amy: I have this really cool 1960s jacket that I found recently… it has this amazing big floral print. Theo: My best friend just got me an Issey Miyake Pleats Please top that I love, and I know she worked really hard to afford it for me, so I guess that’s it.

What is your favourite thing about Hackney? Amy: There’s so much going on and everyone is so different. I’m not actually from here, so I really like it.

Theo: This is my home, so I feel really comfortable here.

Where do you shop for clothes? Amy: Usually vintage stores all over, we go to Brick Lane quite a lot.

Theo: Yeah, she just drags me along…

What are the best places in Hackney to go out?

Amy & Theo: Well, we don’t go out much… just to some pubs and stuff.


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