Style: On The Streets of Notting Hill

Another great day of finding the street style which makes London so fabulous. Our intrepid fashion reporter Maria Ana Vieira Lopes and photographer Ana Pedro (@aanapedro).went out for a walk around Notting Hill to see who they could bump into.

As always they found some great styles and interesting people. Our style team have done the work and sourced her look so you can shop it below.. xo

Minori   Instagram: @__stylescrapbook

In Portobello Road on a Saturday morning

What are you wearing today?

The coat is Wanda Nylon, the T-shirt is from a Japanese brand I can’t remember, the trousers are vintage and the bag is from a brand called Le Ciel Bleu.

Which piece of clothing or accessory best represents your style?

This jacket.

What or who influences your style?

Myself. Balenciaga is also an inspiration.

Tell me about the most special item of clothing or accessory that you own.

I would say this jacket as well.

What is your favourite thing about Notting Hill?

It’s a really cool place to be. It has very nice stores and places to eat.

Where do you shop for clothes?

Everywhere. I love shopping in London, and I went to Dover Street Market yesterday.

What are the best places in Notting Hill to go out?

That amazing food stand across the road where I ate some mash potatoes that I absolutely loved.


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