Style: 14 Trending Sweat Pants to Shop This Week

Sweat pants, track pants, lounge wear or whatever you prefer, these pants have become one of the statement items to parade around town or a lounge room in. We’ve all seen Kehlani, Rihanna and Bella Hadid swooning around town as the paparazzi snap away and try to name their outfits..

This season there are loads of styles but the side stripes, high-waisted and baggy are the ones to look for. Price range vastly but we’ve tried to show the styles and brands we can all afford. No trash please.

The Alexa Chung Draw String track pants are reduced right now but are seriously comfortable and look amazing. Alexander Wang does a nice simple green track pant and newcomer ME&EM does a nice double stripe jogger.

Click on any image to shop them and don’t forget to be brave and bold! xo


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