Street Style Look: Spotted in Covent Garden

Felix Magazine has taken to the streets of London to check out the looks and styles that characterise this great city. Today fashion reporter Maria Ana Vieira Lopes and photographer Ana Pedro (@aanapedro) focus on the streets of Covent Garden.



What are you wearing today? 

A black pineapple tank top, some Topshop jogging bottoms, and this bright blue coat. My sense of fashion is very simple, I like to wear something vibrant on top of my outfit. And this is my mum’s coat. 

Which piece of clothing or accessory best represents your style? 

I love coats, especially in vibrant colours. I wear flats with this kind of pattern with most of my outfits. They seem to bring another kind of style or class to it. 

What or who influences your style? 

I think everyone around me influences my style. I look around and see something that could inspire me in terms of clothing, a lipstick shade, anything.  

Tell me about the most special item of clothing or accessory that you own. 

I think the most special item I have is a pastel pink raincoat. It’s very comfortable, unique and eye-catching because you don’t usually see a coat like that. 

Where do you shop for clothes? 

Whenever I go to festivals or on holiday, I usually go to the local markets and look for clothes that have nice textiles. If not, H&M has clothing that I like.


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