Shop the Lingerie Trends You Need to Know This Season!

Trends are ever changing in fashion.  We all want to ensure we have the must-have mini bag or western boot.  However, many of us stop the trend obsession when we get to our underwear.  But why? Trends are constantly changing in lingerie. Although you may not read about it as much, shopping around will make you realise this.  Alternatively, you could skip that and just read our guide!


Bodysuits are the most popular style of lingerie at the moment, everywhere offers them.  However, only a few are worth investing in; such as the Burnt Orange Cross Front Mixed Lace Body and Heidi Body.  My main attraction to bodysuits is that many can double up as a top as well as lingerie. H&M’s Bodysuit with gathers is a prime example, layer multiple necklaces and baroque earrings to complete your look!


The Claudia Wine Velvet Lace Bra Set offers a romantic feel with high-waisted retro inspired briefs included. Alternatively, combine two trends in one and opt for ASOS Storm Velvet bodysuit. Alternatively, contrast delicate lace against velvet with Lynette Pink Lace Velvet Hem Lingerie Set.


Harnesses bring a dominatrix theme to your lingerie, with items such as Take The Lead Strappy Bodysuit.  However, there are also more delicate options available such as the Emerson Harness Brief. Chain harnesses are also brilliant for exciting up and outfit. Our favourites are Sacred Hawk Premium Harness In Antique Chain Mail and Silver-tone square chain body harness.

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