Shop The Edit: The Ultimate Guide to Every Bra Style!

If I’m ever feeling down, a new bra is my go to buy, to boost my confidence.  However, when investing in a bra sex appeal should not be your only consideration.  It is important to make sure you have the right bra on and of course, the right size! Get yourselves, measured ladies!  This guide outlines the differences between each bra and our favourite styles!

Push Up Bra:

These are fairly self-explanatory.  There shape and padding increase cleavage, giving the breast a sexy shape. The amount of padding varies, some bras can increase the appearance of your breast size by 2 cups!  However, these are not just for the smaller breasted among us as, it about creating the perfect cleavage.

Padded Bra:

Padded bra’s come in all shapes and sizes.  The one requirement is padding, again this varies.  The aim of a padded bra is to hide your nipples.

Plunge Bra:

These bras are designed for lower cut tops, as they drop below the nipple.  The shape is similar to push up bras as they also create cleavage.

Longline Bra:

Longline bras provide more coverage cutting off lower down than your average bra.  They can have any shape on the breast section.

T-Shirt Bra:

T-shirt Bras are everyday bras intended to be worn underneath tight fitting clothes, due to their seamless design.

Cage Bra:

Cage bras are an erotic option, consisting of multiple straps.

Cami Bra:

You guessed it, a cami bra is a bra combined with a camisole to give you the support you need but coverage when wearing low cut tops and don’t want to bare all.


These bras can be worn in a range of ways due to their detachable straps. These bras are incredibly helpful for clothing that you would otherwise not be able to wear a bra with but feel you need the support.

Balcony bra:

Balcony bras cut horizontally across the breast and create a rounded shape. It is particularly good for low and scoop neck tops.


Strapless bras have no strap or detachable.  Perfect for bandeau style tops or dress, however, it is important to get one that fits properly otherwise it can be very unflattering!


A bandeau is similar to a strapless bra, however, it has no wiring or cups, it is simply a strip of stretchy fabric.  This bra does not offer much support but it is comfortable.  I would recommend it to women with C cup or smaller due to the lack of support.

Stick on:

Ideal for those backless dresses, stick on bras give you a little support so you can bare your naked back.


A minimizer bras aim is the opposite to that of push up bras, it attempts to make the breast appear smaller.

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