Have You Ordered Your Christmas Hamper Yet?

Sending someone you love or want to make happy a gift hamper is such a nice way to bring a smile to a face this Christmas. A knock at the door, the delivery man hands over the hamper and away you go. Hugs, smiles, texts and phone calls. 🙂

There are loads to chose from, ranging in price from £20 to over £1,000, but hurry up as you don’t have long.as the stores to to only take orders up to the 20th of December. We sent our team out to shop the entire range on offer, from beer hampers or bacon sarnies for the boys, chilli packs or gluten free, all the way up to the Supreme hamper filled with charcuterie, chocolate, cheese and fine wines carefully-sourced from around the famous Harrods Food Halls

Pick from our list of 21 of the best hampers on offer today and make someone super happy with you.. xo


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