Music: Felix Fridays Take On Boomtown Beats

Welcome to Boomtown. The craziest festival of the year is BACK this weekend for a guaranteed unforgettable experience.

We decided to make a playlist about it, play it here while you read: LISTEN HERE

Boomtown is a world of its own, an immersive experience that is not for the faint-hearted.

Each year, the sprawling Matterley Estate in Winchester, Hampshire morphs into Boomtown City, with 11 distinct districts all governed by one ruler: Comrade Jose.

The whole festival is massive and each district is a true mini-village, with its own streets, architecture, buildings and characters.

Yup, there’s about 5 actors jumping around you at any time, acting out a cowboy shoot out in the Wild West, or a mysterious helper leading you to a secret passage in Chinatown.

Anything can happen in Boomtown and you have probably never seen a more buzzing crowd too. Boomtown-goers take the experience seriously, dressing up, waving flags and partying hard 24/7. Ska, dub, reggae, hip-hop or drum and bass, all tastes are catered to at Boomtown. Watch the after-video for last year’s chapter to get your heart pumping:

Boomtown is always home to some of the biggest reggae legends alive, so we start off our playlist with our selection of Reggae beats from Boomtown.

First things first is Cypress Hill’s early sensation ‘Insane in the Brain’, an absolute classic that quickly became an underground hit, if not an anthem for many.

The iconic seven-piece and The Specials have more than one hit, but we decided to include our personal favourite ‘A Message to Rudy’ in our Felix Fridays #4 playlist.

boomtownDawn Penn is one of the “original queens of reggae music. Native Jamaican with a beautiful voice who was nominated for a Grammy in 1995 and sang one of the most famous reggae songs ever “You Don’t Love Me – No, No, No”.

Toots and The Maytals are another incredible addition to the Boomtown line up. They are, as many of the others, considered legends in the world of Ska and Reggae. Listen to ‘54-46 Was My Number’ on our Felix Fridays #4 playlist, you will recognise it!

The good thing about Boomtown is the diversity in terms of music and experiences. Chances are, you have probably heard of M.I.A before, and if you haven’t heard of her then you’ve heard “Paper Planes”. The Original Blues Brothers Band’s “Everybody’s got Somebody” is another classic you will recognise and will start bouncing to.

Before we get to the darker hip-hop and dubstep, a moment to breathe is needed, and there is nothing that Portico Quartet does better than fill your soul with serenity and energy. Immerse yourself in their world with ‘Endless’.

Boomtown always have an incredible selection of dubstep, drum and bass, grime, hip-hop and jungle acts which will get you in the mood to go party.


Camden born Ocean Wisdom is an incredibly talented hip hop writer and performer. He spent years perfecting his craft and impressed the UK with his first release ‘Walkin’’. We decided to include ‘Real Smooth’ in our Felix Fridays #4 playlist, from his debut album ‘Chaos 93’’

Dub Phizix & Strategy’s “Marka” is next. Dub Phizix successfully started a new style of drum and Bass music incorporating influences from all over the globe. Marka was an instant hit. Amongst others, Mr.Scruff, Freestylers, Eva Lazarus, Boys Noize and Sublime will be visiting Boomtown and we’ve included their tunes on our playlist.


By Kamelia Gantcheva

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