Hit London’s Fabulous Club Scene

Time to shed off thinking more and get yourself straight to the dance floors! Here’s an introduction to the best of London’s club scene – calling all the people who love to party and enjoy their own freaking time!

Ministry of Sound

ClubEntertaining club-goers for over 20 years now! Opened in September 1991, this is one of the best known clubbing venues in the UK and if you love to dance, this is a must-visit place. However, just to be honest, one is not enough. This nightclub in London attracts more than 5,000 people every weekend. They have around four dance floors, different bars and underground pastures, two new balconies, a VIP suite, new courtyard, a viewing gallery and the beefy sound system that has got an amazing tech boost recently. Legendry DJs of this place include Pete Tong and Paul Oakenfold. They run the sound system only at 45% of its complete capacity, yet still it’s thrilling! Tight security in this nightclub that has made several changes over its exceptional audibility over the years! Started as a nightclub and has now diversified into a great multimedia entertainment business. Nice atmosphere and cheap drinks – with dance! You couldn’t have asked for anything better in on London’s night scene.

Address: 103 Gaunt Street, London, SE1 6DP  Website: www.ministryofsound.com/club  Nearest tube station: Elephant & Castle


ClubSadly the BBC wrote ‘One of London’s biggest nightclubs has closed its doors for the foreseeable future. It comes after two teenagers died of suspected drug overdoses in the last nine weeks. Fabric in Farringdon, central London, initially announced it was closing for the weekend but news has since emerged that its licence has now been suspended. This time the request has come from the Metropolitan Police. Islington Council say “the Metropolitan Police applied for an interim suspension of Fabric’s licence”.

“Fabric agreed not to contest this application, and a licensing sub-committee has suspended Fabric’s licence. This will be followed by a review of Fabric’s licence within 28 days.”

Address: 77A Charterhouse Street, London EC1M 6HJ  Phone: 0207 336 8898  Website: www.fabriclondon.com  Nearest tube station: Farringdon


ClubOne of the best known nightclubs for gays/mixed/straight, this hosts regular club nights every week. Closely located to the ever popular Trafalgar Square, they have interconnecting rooms and lots of space for you to chill out. They also have two large dance floors where the world’s best guest DJs play the latest and the most trending European dance music.

Address: Under The Arches, Villiers Street, London WC2N 6NG  Phone: 0207 930 2020
Website: heavennightclub-london.com  Nearest tube station: Charing Cross



Corsica Studios

ClubThis is one of the most promising and award-winning arts and entertainment venues in London that certainly doesn’t deserve a miss. You can expect a wonderful, friendly and arty crowd to accompany you in this environment. Located in south London, this one has a bar and two rooms of music that play it ‘loud and clear’. For those who are into garage and dubstep, this one is a must. If you are keen on trying out new, experimental and exciting sounds, this is your destination in London. What are you waiting for? By the way, not for those who are still happy being only a workaholic!

Address: 4-5 Elephant Road, London SE17 1LB
Phone: 0207 703 4760
Website: www.corsicastudios.com
Nearest tube station: Elephant & Castle


ClubA warehouse-style nightclub with a 24-hour licence for music and all-night parties, spread over three floors. This has a capacity of over 800, and also has a central courtyard garden and balcony terrace. The garden we are talking about here has garden furniture, bar, artificial grass and the fun of a swimming pool to be enjoyed in the summer. Quite popular with the smokers, this garden is one of the largest open spaces any nightclub in London has. Have a drink under the night sky, chill out and don’t forget to miss out their Sunday morning breakfast session.

Address: 200 York Way, London N7 9AX  Phone: 0207 871 7111
Website: www.egglondon.co.uk  Nearest tube station: King’s Cross

Electric Brixton

ClubFridge was reopened in September 2011 as Electric Brixton. With an investment of a million pounds, installation of a new sound system and maintenance of some of the original features of the club, this one continues to be one of the best dance venues located in south London. They regularly host drum and bass, dance nights, electronica and live acts with big names. It doesn’t deserve a miss by a dance freak like you! They can hold over 1,700 people – are you going to be one of them now?

Address: Town Hall Parade, London SW2 1RJ  Phone: 0207 274 2290
Website: http://electricbrixton.uk.com  Nearest tube station: Brixton


ClubListed under the Grade II buildings of London, KOKO is a popular Camden nightclub opened in 2004 and has a capacity of over 1,500. They have already witnessed headline performances from Madonna, Coldplay and Prince. Channel 4 TV programmes have been recorded in this venue. Offering a good and smart mixture of club nights and live bands, this one has a huge stage, plush upstairs, broad balconies and bars along with chandeliers, red colour scheme and everything else that hugely matches with the rock stars that are here to grace the stage. In the 1990s, when it was called Camden Palace, it was one of the most loved rock clubs, after which it was restored and reopened in 2004. Their music policy covers everything – rock, blues, pop and dance music. Got any reason for not visiting?

Address: 1A Camden High Street, London NW1 7JE  Phone: 0207 388 3222
Website: www.koko.uk.com  Nearest tube station: Mornington Crescent

Studio 338

ClubIf you are obsessed with summer parties on open terraces, you’ve got to be here at Studio 338. When you are partying on colder nights, move inside or go out on the heated terrace. Believed to be one of the biggest clubs in London, this one has got plenty of room and lots of spaces for all kinds of enjoyment – intimate or friendly! Top DJs include Krankbrother, Sankeys and so on. Located in south east London a short walk from the O2, this is a must-attend nightclub in our city. Not for those who don’t want to know what it feels like to party hard – and harder!

Address: 338 Boord Street, London SE10 0PF  Phone: 0208 293 6669
Website: studio338.co.uk  Nearest tube station: North Greenwich


ClubThis dynamic and fast-paced nightclub in London has a two-room, upstairs café bar, art space and is located close to Old Street. Cutting edge technology, a beautiful crowd, amazing DJs and artists that are matched by none make this one the most preferred locations for enjoying your nightlife in London. Their list includes Digitalism, Simian Mobile Disco, Mark Ronson, Jacques Lu Cont, Tiga, Mylo, Ms Dynamite, Alex Metric and lots more. Get enticed with the street art aesthetics, live music and DJ club nights that will leave you awestruck! There’s no limit to enjoyment and craziness when you are in London!

Address: 32-37 Cowper Street, London EC2A 4AP  Phone: 0207 608 2878
Website: www.xoyo.co.uk  Nearest tube station: Old Street

Dalston Superstore

ClubThis one is a famous eclectic gay bar/café where you are served comfortable food, cocktails and can enjoy art shows and music events with complete zeal. A clever set-up, great and chilled vibe, nice staff and a delicious cocktail will elevate the fun!

A friendly and quirky café by day, a super fun bar by night and a great disco by the weekend – you get so much in one place! The crowd also includes musically informed people, locals and tourists wanting to enjoy this bit of London city. Make yourself lucky – pop in soon!

Address: 117 Kingsland High Street, London E8 2PB  Phone: 0207 254 2273
Website: dalstonsuperstore.com  Nearest tube station: Dalston Kingsland


ClubOne of the most exciting nightclubs to be – it’s a cool venue housing some of the most incredible and diverse music range to its warm, friendly and beautiful crowd. They have a buzzing atmosphere with DJs and bands playing it hard with a garden and global menu. Don’t miss the super delicious global street food available in its canteen. Entry is free before 10pm on Fridays. A great place to be for all those who love hip hop and deep house! As they say, this is one place where the sun never sets and the fun never ends – so true! Be here to witness it all! Only in London city!

Address: 83 Rivington Street, London EC2A 3AY  Phone: 0207 739 3440
Website: www.cargo-london.com  Nearest tube station: Old Street


ClubOne of the best nightclubs in London, with an amazing aura of togetherness and party all night mood! Their top selection of DJs each week make you want to come back to this place every time. You are good to go all night long with that basement getting into its real groove. Soundtrack of craziness and deep disco booms all night or early in the morning; even by that time, we bet you are not done! Chatting, drinking, chilling out with mates, clubbing, after work drinks, private party, eating and that something a little different and extra special every time keeps you coming back for more. They have a modern British kitchen, cocktail bar and a weekend nightclub in its basement that sees a mad crowd craving for more every weekend.

Address: 89 Great Eastern Street, London EC2A 3HX  Phone: 0207 739 6747
Website: www.trapezebar.com  Nearest tube station: Old Street


With lots of exclusive venues in town, the party doesn’t deserve to end here! Get rid of all the tiredness you have carried on your shoulders in a working week because your night out in London is going to be a blast! Let’s dine and dance in these hottest venues of our clubbing capital worldwide. So where are you heading?

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