Gifting: An Avid Gardener’s Christmas Wishlist

The question Tim asked me was the age-old one of ‘what do you want for Christmas?” He’s been asking the same question every November for years now and the answer is always the same: Don’t know.”

wishlistSo each year he’s bought me a selection box of gardening items, some of which I find useful and some of which are a pain, in that they require extra work. There was one year, I believe, he went into a garden centre and bought around 25 packets of random seeds.

When, in springtime, I didn’t have a greenhouse overflowing with flowers I know he was secretly miffed. Now, each year, he replies to my answer to his annual question with a vague threat: “ Well I could get seeds.” Now, I’ve become more savvy – both in my demands and my needs – I know what I’d like Santa Claus to include in my Christmas sack.

The first – and I believe – most important tool in the garden is a good pair of secateurs. They prune the roses, cut-back trees, cut out straggling brambles, keep the blueberries in fine shape, just about anything that needs a trim. And during a year, tell me what doesn’t?

They’re in a pocket whenever I’m in the garden. So, always get the best you can, there’s noting like a good pair that stays sharp and can’t damage the plant or bush being cut.

To go along with the secateurs – and to close at hand – is the garden pruning saw and I like the long-handled variety that reach those awkward and high-up places.

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Another tool i love – and I hope Santa rewards me with a nice stainless steel one this year – is the Dutch hoe. The Dutch Hoe is wonderful, and without doubt makes getting rid of the inevitable weeds so much easier.

wishlistTwo more items – not so much tools as must-have items – are a good wheelbarrow. There are hundreds to choose from but so useful for transporting stuff around your garden. Mine is always filled with tools, bulbs, items I know I’ll use around the garden without having to return to the shed each time to get them.

Then there’s a good bag, one of those big bags garden centres sell that are often filled with soil. Get one, it’s so useful for rubbing, weeds, leaves, a whole variety of items to be thrown out. And they keep it all in one place until the moment of throwing out is necessary.

Two tools I would like to see in my stocking this Christmas are a stainless steel garden trowel, again because I’m always pottering with plants, doing a bit here and there, always available.

And a really good trimmer. I know they are noisy but they save so much time and effort. I’m going to be greedy here and ask Santa for a decent blower for those leaves, which if left on lawns are a moss creator. But maybe that’s being greedy!

So failing that a Golden Gark, which is a multi-purpose garden maintenance tool. It is a rake, shovel and soil sift in one. It is ideal for clearing up weeds or fallen leaves and much more. One last thing, sometimes it’s nice to pop a few lights around the garden to show off your work.. Try these outdoor stake lights, they are easy to use and can be moved around.


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