Wellbeing: Healthy Food Delivery in London

More than 29 million British people are trying to lose weight. If you’re one of them you know that dieting in London can be extremely hard.

From the expensive cost of healthy foods to the constant temptation of more fattening dining options, the city seems to want you to fail. But there are some chefs in London who recognise this problem and have set up their own healthy food delivery services.

These food packages save you time and energy amid your busy city life, are great for your body and mind, and aren’t too bad on the wallet either. Check out one of these services to start your healthy adventure today.

Pure Package

healthy food delivery

Pure Package values organic, free and wild ingredients that are locally sourced. It buys its fish from sustainable sources and gets its vegetables in Covent Garden.

Its experienced chefs create award-winning foods that will keep you fresh and healthy. If you’re following one of the many new workout and diet programs this year, this service can definitely help you stay on track.

You can choose from a number of different meal plans from calorie-restrictive diets to “Mum and Baby” essentials. A trend-setter as a healthy food delivery service, it has been in operation for more than a decade.

Stylist Magazine calls it “London’s premier gourmet food delivery service”, giving it credit for “revolutionising dieting and healthy eating across London.”

Balance Box

healthy food deliveryMany reviewers rate Balance Box as one of the best tasting healthy food delivery services in London.

Launched by Jenny Irvine, the founder of Pure Package, it offers organic and fresh ingredients that come in either a 1,200 calorie or 1,800 calorie plan.

Balance Box differs from some of London’s other popular food services as it is packaged in three-to-four-day boxes rather than daily shipments.

The package is delivered overnight so your food is at your door that when you wake up. Since Balance Box is a national service, it has a wider delivery reach and can accommodate you if you don’t live in central London.


healthy food deliveryThis service is known for providing affordable yet healthy gourmet foods. While a typical meal for many healthy delivery services will set you back about £15-£20, the meals from Eatfirst cost just £6-£10.

Founded by a former Goldman Sachs trader, Eatfirst is not only healthy it is also very Instagrammable. Each dish is designed to be visually appealing and comes with a card that includes your name as well as all the ingredients that were used to create your meal.

It promises that the meals are cooked fresh every morning and will arrive at your home or work address ready for easy finishing in less than four minutes. You can order your chef-prepared meal online from 11am-10 pm, and Eatfirst will deliver to London zones 1-4.

Eating healthy does not have to be a big hassle with these three delivery food services. You can just sit back, relax, and watch the weight fly right off.


by Jennifer Dawson

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